Of course, summer time means long days, barbecues, and lots of time to party! Here at Amazing Amusements, we know the secrets to throwing the best summer parties that’ll be sure to win you the coveted Parent of the Year award. Here are the keys to throwing the summer parties that your neighbors around the block could only dream about:

Inflatable Rides

Inflatable rides are perfect for kids and young teenagers, because it comes it a wide variety of styles. If your guests are super competitive and love to participate in contents, then we have inflatable obstacle courses, with themes ranging from dinosaur escapes to cliff jumping to the classic funhouse obstacle course, and everything in between. If you are having younger kids, we have many traditional bounce-house inflatables and combo united containing slides. If you are looking for something new and unique we also have a baseball strike zone challenge, foam pits, and even an inflatable laser tag course! Most importantly, with your kids spending all day trying to outdo each other on the inflatables, you can focus on the most important elements of the party, like making sure that your burgers are cooked to perfection.    

Face Painting

While not actually a party rental, our face painters are some of the best in the industry. Our face paint meets FDA Toy & Cosmetic regulations, and it is fragrance-free meaning that it’s suitable for everyone, even if you guests are known for having allergies. The face paint is water based, meaning that it comes off as easy as it comes on! Whether you are interested in painting full faces and transforming your guests into animals or superheroes or you have younger kids who are looking for dainty designs like flowers, roses, stars, rainbows or butterflies, our face painters can accommodate your guests.

Carnival Games

What is a better and truer test of skill is there than a carnival game? We have activities such as dart-throwing games like “Water Balloon Blast” and “Pimple Popper,” ring toss games, golf putting challenges like “Gopher Hole” and “Eye Carumba,” strength testers like “High Striker,” and so much more. Don’t worry, you don’t have to man the booths, we provide you with staff members as well as prizes so you can actually enjoy your block party!

Mechanical Rides

If you really want to be the block party that everyone talks about for years to come, than consider renting one of our mechanical rides. Whether you get a classic like The Zipper or something tamer like the Mini Carousel, every kid will be lined up waiting with anticipation to ride the fun rides.

If you are thinking about throwing a block party, contact the party planning experts at Amazing Amusements today. We have experience planning parties of all sizes, so we can give you valuable insight for what your party truly needs. We have everything you need to throw the party of your dreams, and we will work with you at every step of the planning process to make sure you are getting everything you need. Call us now at 866-PARTY-11!