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One great thing about modern day events such as bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, graduation parties, weddings and so on is that nothing goes undocumented. From the second the first guest walks through the door until the last one walks out, people are taking pictures and videos while they have the time of their life. Even though everyone has the capability of taking their own photos and videos, there is something awesome about showing up to a party and seeing a photo booth waiting to be used. There is an amazing sense of discovery as guests find their favorite frames and styles, and continue to go back to see if there was anything they missed. We believe that photo booths are one of the most important aspects of every celebration, and we are continually working to provide an amazing photo booth experience for our clients.

At Amazing Amusements, we make sure that every one of our events has the best photo booth experience possible. Whether you want to get a nice picture with your family or take a kooky set of photos with your friends, Amazing Amusements has the photo booth props for you. We have a wide variety of frame and props for you to use as you please, and each photo is printed out at the event, so you can take them home with you. We believe that a great event is all about the memories you make with your loved ones and friends, so the more pictures, the better!

One of the best things about our photo booths is that they are not even “booths” at all! They are modeled to look like photo booths, but they have curtains instead of walls, so you can have as many people as you want in your photo. This way, you can take a photo with your whole bridal party, or everyone in your family. This takes out some of the social anxiety some people have about taking photos: no one has to be excluded from the fun.

Our photo frames are great for all ages. We have everything from sports-related frames to fake “Wanted” posters. As with everything we do, we always want to make sure that there is something for everyone. You can take one photo, and create a pretend ID card, magazine cover, and box cover with the touch of a finger. These frames are especially useful for younger events like bar/bat mitzvahs or birthday parties. In our experience, kids love trying out all of the frames and seeing what funny pictures they can make happen.

If you aren’t a fan of traditional frames, that’s okay too. We have dog tags, key chains, snow globes, and other fun capsules to store your precious memories in. Another fun thing we do is chocolate lollipops with your photo attached: it is a way for guests to create their own take home gifts. The name of the game with the photo booth (and bar mitzvah parties in general) is options. We want to give everyone the opportunity to take a photo they want to remember the night by, so we try to constantly add more and more ways to make that happen.

A fan favorite photo attraction is our giant inflatable red chair. The name itself doesn’t do it justice: the chair makes normal people look absolutely diminutive. With photo props that stand out from the crowd, people will always remember your party as the one with the amazing photos. In a world where everyone is trying to have the best party, sometimes having a huge inflatable chair is the difference between just another party and a party people love to talk about.

Photo booths are a great opportunity to add more dimensions to your special day. It doesn’t matter if all of your guests are strangers, or if they have been friends for a long time, it can be challenging to keep them entertained at all times. Our philosophy at Amazing Amusement is to provide clients with enough fun activities that no one could possibly get bored at one of our parties, and photo booths are a key part of that. Trips to the photo booth can break up some of the longer parts of the party. For example, if you have a few minutes to spare after the cocktail hour, you can spend it at your table, or you can be up and about, taking photos and looking at all different kinds of frames. We don’t know about you, but we think the latter scenario sounds much more fun!

If you are interested in our services, please fill out a contact form, or call us at 866-PARTY-11. We would love to talk to you about your plans for your the best party of your life.

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