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Here at Amazing Amusements, we have all of the party planning basics. We have carnival booths, music, DJs, dancers, and lighting equipment. One thing we bring to the table that not many other companies can bring is a wide variety of hi-tech and virtual reality attractions that will make your next party infinitely more fun. We love dancing and eating, but sometimes your parties need some friendly competition that only video games can bring out.

One of the great things about our high-tech amusements is their ability to bring guests together, especially those who might not have otherwise talked. We are big believers that parties should not only bring people together to the same place, they should make your guests walk out feeling like they made a few friends that evening. One great way to break the ice is to play against someone else in a fun game like virtual ping pong or racing. Friendly competition is a great way to spark conversation and debate amongst strangers, and will give them a nice talking point when they meet later in the party.

For children’s parties like birthday parties or bar/bat mitzvahs, our video games are a great way to get children out of their seats. We know that a lot of parents are concerned about video games taking away too much attention from the guests at the party, so we understand that it is not for every kids’ party. However, we do believe that kids parties are all about having fun: if some virtual racing or tennis gets them up and having fun, we think that is an amazing thing! Many kids don’t love dancing, or they might not have the confidence amongst other people at the party to dance. Putting up some virtual reality games at the beginning of a children’s party can break the ice and make everyone much more comfortable with each other. Once you say the word, our expertly trained staff can shift the focus of the party from video games to the dance floor so you don’t have to worry about having a pure game party.

We have a variety of racing games that will be sure to bring out the adrenaline junkie in everyone at your party. Whether your preference lies in video-based racing games or real life mini-racing car action, you can always have the perfect racing game for your event. The great thing about these games is that they include a multitude of people, and they are over quick, so you don’t really have to worry about people standing around doing nothing while they wait for the game. If you want to ensure that there are not too many people waiting, we have a large variety of games that we can provide to ensure that everyone is getting their racing fix at your party.

If racing isn’t for you, then we have a number of sports-related games that will be sure to get your blood pumping. From virtual ping pong to basketball, our sports games bring out the light hearted competition that make sports so great. Guests can warm up for the dance floor at these booths, or they can have competitions to see who is the best at every virtual sport. With our virtual sports booths, you can give your party a fun element that most other parties simply do not have.

We think that our hi-tech games are great for any party, but especially for cocktail hours and parties where there is some “down time.” You can only eat so much shrimp cocktail, so it is good to have events throughout your venue that can keep people occupied for a few minutes. It is a good way to get people to go throughout your party and see everything you are offering. On top of this, our hi-tech games are great for a party where there will be a small amount of children/teenagers. If everyone on the dance floor is an adult, it can get quite easy for children to slump down in their seats and not enjoy the fun. Having a game or two can keep the kids entertained, while allowing their parents to continue having the time of their life on the dance floor, or wherever the party is.

Our experienced team of party planning experts will give you all of the options for your upcoming party, and will give recommendations based on all of the successful parties we have thrown in the past. We will not try to sell you on any one particular thing, because we have so many different ways to give you the party of your dreams. If you are not at all interested in having hi-tech games at your party, you do not have to say one more word about it. If you are, however, our party planners will walk you through all of our games to give you the perfect fit for your upcoming event. Give us a call today at 866-PARTY-11 or fill out the contact form!

  • Virtual Tennis

    Virtual Tennis

  • Virtual Tennis

    Virtual Tennis

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    Virtual Soccer

  • Virtual Soccer

    Virtual Soccer

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    Virtual Racing

  • Virtual Ping Pong

    Virtual Ping Pong

  • Virtual Golf

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  • Virtual Game

    Virtual Game

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    Virtual Baseball

  • The Fast & The Furious

    The Fast & The Furious

  • Spider Climbing

    Spider Climbing

  • Racing Simulator

    Racing Simulator

  • Racing Simulator

    Racing Simulator

  • Racing


  • Playseats Racing

    Playseats Racing

  • Pacman


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  • NBA Maximum Hangtime

    NBA Maximum Hangtime

  • Nascar Racing

    Nascar Racing

  • Micro-Reality Racing X

    Micro-Reality Racing X

  • Micro-Reality Racing VIII

    Micro-Reality Racing VIII

  • Micro-Reality Racing VII

    Micro-Reality Racing VII

  • Micro-Reality Racing VI

    Micro-Reality Racing VI

  • Micro-Reality Racing V

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    Micro-Reality Racing IX

  • Micro-Reality Racing IV

    Micro-Reality Racing IV

  • Micro-Reality Racing III

    Micro-Reality Racing III

  • Micro-Reality Racing II

    Micro-Reality Racing II

  • Micro-Reality Racing I

    Micro-Reality Racing I

  • Hydro Thunder

    Hydro Thunder

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  • Electric Guitar

    Electric Guitar

  • Chuck-A-Luck Darts

    Chuck-A-Luck Darts

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  • Arctic Thunder

    Arctic Thunder