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We have all been to a lot of parties in our lives, but there are generally only a few that stand out. Maybe there was one wedding with an amazing DJ, or a party as a kid where a magician did something that you still cannot explain to this day. In our experience, the most surefire way to ensure your party is remembered by kids, teens, and adults alike is by bringing in the big guns and having an amazing mechanical ride for you and your guests to ride at your next party.

Our deep catalog of mechanical rides ensures that you will have the perfect ride for whatever party you are throwing. If you are having a party with younger children and toddlers, our teacup ride, Super Slide, or mini-carousel are sure to give the kids at your party a great time! With our teacup ride, children will be transported right back to Disney, as they spin around an amazing ride amongst all of their friends. The Super Slide is precisely what it sounds like: it is just like a slide at the playground, but it is way bigger (and more super). The mini carousel, on the other hand, is perfect for toddlers and children who don’t want to go on rides that have too much movement. It is a very small ride that is designed to make children feel comfortable, with a variety of animals for your children to try out instead of the traditional horses.

If you want to ramp up the thrills to be a little more exciting than the mini carousel, Amazing Amusements has the rides for you. Our Round Up machine delivers some great high-speed thrills. As the ride continues to spin, children can feel themselves getting attached to the padding behind them, which is an experience that doesn’t happen on too many mechanical rides. Along the same lines, our Tornado ride is an absolute classic. It takes several groups of four people into the air, and spins them in a circle while their group of four rotates at their own pace. The people on the ride have the control to spin their group as much as they want, so thrill seekers can group up with each other as people who just want to feel the breeze can group up.

Along the same lines, our Zipper ride is the absolute favorite of the thrill-seekers among us. As a ride that has been around for decades, the Zipper is simply a classic. The Zipper is comprised of a huge spinning panel that has a multitude of flipping carts attached to it. As the panel rotates in the air, the carts flip around, which takes the riders on an absolutely crazy adrenaline-packed adventure! The Zipper is not for the faint of heart, as it is truly an intense ride. We suggest this for parties like graduation parties or family reunions, as the biggest fans of the Zipper are usually teenagers and younger adults.

Don’t worry, we don’t only have white-knuckle rides and rides for toddlers. There are plenty of mechanical rides you can have at your next party that will be perfect to simply get some fresh air or get your blood pumping just a bit. The Giant Swings and Paratroopers ride are perfect for this purpose, as you can get in the air and look down at your party while soaking in the sunlight and a calm breeze. Anyone from toddlers to adults can enjoy these rides, which is perfect for a party where you expect a large range of ages.

While many people love rides, some people are unable to ride them, or are more into attractions that they can fully control. With that in mind, Amazing Amusements provides many fun attractions like rock climbing walls and our 4-way Bungee Trampolines. These attractions require intense supervision, but you do not need to worry. Our party experts will make sure that everyone at your party is as safe as they can be by always keeping an eye out and making sure that your children are always safely harnessed. Our rock wall is great for amateurs and experts alike, as there is a tether system that makes sure that whether they fall from the bottom or the top, they will be completely safe. The 4-way Bungee Trampolines follow the same concept: your children can either simply bounce or do crazy tricks, as they will be completely safe either way they decide to do it. Our staff knows what can and cannot be done on those machines, and will make sure to stop any unsafe activity.

If you are interested in renting a mechanical ride for your next party, please contact the party planning experts at Amazing Amusements today. We have the types of rides necessary to make whatever party you are throwing a smash hit!

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  • The Zipper

    The Zipper

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    Round Up

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  • Carousel


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