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Here at Amazing Amusements, we believe that a great party is the product of many smaller elements. If people get to your party and immediately try to do everything that you set up for them, you know you have a good party going. We have DJs, rides, photo booths, and many other elements that contribute to making the perfect party. Another element of a well-rounded party is live talent. It doesn’t matter if you decide to hire a musician, a dancer, or a magician, having some live entertainment can make your guests forget that they are waiting for dinner or the next round of drinks: they will be consumed by the amazing show that is being put on for them.

Magicians In Nassau County, New York City and Westchester

One of our most popular talent features is our team of Magicians. They are perfect for kid and adult parties alike, and add a flair of mystery to your party that cannot be found anywhere else. Our magicians have several different sets of varying lengths, so whether you want a huge performance or just a few tricks to pass the time, you can find what you need with Amazing Amusements. We have found that magicians are great for younger children’s parties, as they usually love the sense of discovery that comes with a great magicians’ set.

Even though many of our magicians are geared towards a younger audience, adults can find an immense amount of entertainment with magicians as well. As we see on shows like America’s Got Talent, magic continues to evolve to new levels. Our magicians continue to update their sets to showcase the best that the world of magic has to offer. Gone are the days of putting a rabbit in a hat, or pulling some cloth out of their arms. In other words: these are not your father’s magicians.

If you aren’t a fan of magic, don’t worry. Amazing Amusements has other talent that will be sure to make your party a smash hit. If you want your party to be the dance hit of the year, our break dancers will be sure to bring the party. Kids, teens, and adults alike will be mesmerized by all of their breathtaking moves. Along with our other dancers, break dancers are great for getting people up out of their seats and on the dance floor. This is especially useful for children and teen parties like bar or bat mitzvahs or sweet sixteens. Many kids and teens are scared to dance if there aren’t that many people on the floor, they are much more likely to start dancing once they see how awesome it can be.

Entertaining Shows For NYC, Nassau County and Westchester Events

In the case that break dancers and magicians are too tame for your interests, we can ramp up the excitement level with our Globe of Death and Fire Juggler acts. The globe of death is the kind of thing you have to see to truly believe, as several motorcyclists get into a cage and drive upside down, while never colliding with each other. It is a truly amazing spectacle. Fire jugglers, on the other hand, are a relatively self-explanatory act. It takes the fun of juggling and adds an element of drama via fire, which is great for children’s parties. These are two relatively rare talents, so people will always remember your party as the one with the Cage of Death or the Fire Jugglers. For those who like their jugglers without a side of fire, we have several juggling acts that are sure to blow the minds of everyone at your party. From bowling pins to basketballs, there isn’t an items our jugglers can’t keep in the air.

While it might not be as dangerous as the Cage of Death, our BMX show is always a hit. It can be hard to find a live BMX show without breaking the bank, but with Amazing Amusements you don’t have to worry about that. Our experienced BMX riders bring a show that is wildly entertaining for kids and teens, and is a great act to bring out for a birthday party.

We also have some quite unique acts in store if you are looking for a diverse set of performers. Our stilt performers are able to do great tricks and acts while standing yards above everyone in the crowd. The Asian Bird Show, Bowling Ball Balance, and Bubble Man are unique shows that you have probably not seen before. Acts like these contribute to an overall amazing party experience: while not everyone remembers what they ate for dinner or what they talked about at a party, they will remember the guy balancing bowling balls on his body like it was his job (spoiler: it is).

In addition to these acts, we have variety performers who can do a little bit of everything. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge what your guests will like, so bringing in a variety performer can be a safe bet.

If you would like to talk to us about our talent options, or if you want to book one of our performers, please fill out our contact form or call us at 866-PARTY-11.

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