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NYC Decor and Themes For Your Long Island or Westchester Party!

No party is truly a party without a proper theme. Whether it is a bar mitzvah, a graduation party, or a wedding, it always helps to set a theme to make guests feel like they are truly immersed the the party environment that you are trying to create. One of the best ways to establish a theme at a party is with some awesome decorations. Don’t worry, Amazing Amusements doesn’t just bring the party equipment and talent, we bring the decorations, too.

Our catalog of decorations has something for everyone of every age. Children can enter your party and see your child’s name in huge letters over the center of the event, and can sign their names on a huge whiteboard that we provide. With decorations like this, you can establish that your bar/bat mitzvah or birthday party is all about your kid, and that this is truly their special day. We also have several country-themed backdrops, so you can feel as if your party is actually taking place in Italy, England, or any number of foreign locations.

On top of this, we have a variety of special table decorations that can fit with the theme of any party. For Sweet 16s, one of our most popular tabletop decorations are our huge candy bar signs. It is a bit on the nose, but a “sweet” 16 is all the rage nowadays, as you can structure your whole party around giving out candy, or by naming the tables after different types of candy. This is a huge hit, but it is definitely just one idea in a sea of amazing possibilities for your child’s big day.

If your child is a sports fan, we have the decorations necessary to make their party as sports-centric as possible. With the help of some of our sports arcade games and some decorations based on their favorite sports teams, you can structure a whole party around their love for sports. You can sit family at the Mets table, camp friends at the Knicks table, and so on. Because sports are so popular with teenagers and adolescents, we have a large variety of sports decorations and attractions to bring your party to life.

If your kid is more into theatre than sports, then you don’t have to look any further! We can make your child’s party into the show of the century, as our billboards can turn any venue into an absolute spectacle. With our musical tabletops, you can divide up guests just as you would with any of the other tabletops, while keeping with the theme of the party. If you want decor that matches the music of your party, don’t sweat it! Our DJs have a deep catalog of music, and will play whatever you want to maximize the good times at your next party.

What good is a party without an exclusive VIP area? Ok, it’s probably still pretty good if we’re planning it, but sometimes you want a place for you and your closest confidants to hang out during a bigger party. With our red, purple, and white lounges, you can set aside a special section of the party for VIPs only. On top of that, you might be interested in adding a bar to make being a VIP even more special. We have all of that and more, so if you want to plan a special party within your party, Amazing Amusements is the place to go.

If you are thinking of planning an outdoor event, then Amazing Amusements has got you covered. Literally. We have a wide selection of tents (do you get it now?) that can fit a small, intimate gathering or a huge party with booths and rides. If you are thinking about getting some inflatable rides or other carnival booth attractions, a tent can turn your party into a verified carnival!

Along with some of our more spectacular decor options are some very traditional ones. For example, we can supply your party with all of the inflated balloons you could possibly need. On top of that, our dance floors and floral arrangements help create a traditional party environment.

The decor options listed above are just the tip of the iceberg of what we bring to the table as party planning experts. We are in the businesses of making your dream party come to life, so we will always do our best to give you the decor necessary to pull off the best party possible. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a sports-themed bar mitzvah, a candy-themed Sweet 16, or a grand carnival that will put other block parties to shame: if you plan your party with Amazing Amusements, you will not be disappointed.

Please feel free to give us a call at 866-PARTY-11 or fill out a contact form on our website to schedule a consultation with a party planning expert today!

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  • Wide World of Chocolate II

    Wide World of Chocolate II

  • Wide World of Chocolate

    Wide World of Chocolate

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    White Lounge

  • White Lounge

    White Lounge

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    Thrill Rides

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  • Tent


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    Modern Furniture

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  • Milk Duds

    Milk Duds

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