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Carnivals are a great way to turn a regular party into an amazing, family-friendly event. Amazing Amusements’ carnival selection is unrivaled in the greater New York and Long Island areas, as we have both the performers and attractions to put together the carnival of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to entertain a party of toddlers or a group of rowdy teenagers, we have the goods to make sure your party is designed so that every guest has a great time. From our expert staff to our entertaining booths and attractions, we are ready to give you the party of your life.

It would simply not be a carnival without an entire lot of fun carnival games. Our carnival booths and games transport you straight into the middle of the action, from innovative water games to traditional games like Balloon Blast and Ring Toss. We all have memories of going to a carnival or fair and trying our hardest to win a prize at a carnival, only to spend way much more money than we planned on. Our carnival booths have all of the adrenaline of trying to win a prize, but your guests don’t have to worry about paying someone every time they want to play a game!

One of our signature carnival attractions is our strength tests. There are several levels for people of all ages, so everyone can feel as if they are the strongest person in the room. This is a game you see at every carnival: there is a tall pole, and you hit a sensor underneath the pole with a hammer to see how how strong you are. If you are able to reach the top, you win a prize! This is such a popular game at events like children’s parties and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs because kids can work their way up from the bottom: once they figure out how to beat the lower levels, they go to the harder ones to see if they can beat their friends! We definitely recommend supervision at these games, so our trained staff will be there at every turn to make sure that everyone is having a safe and great time!

Another great thing about carnivals are all of the fun games of skill that we are able to provide. If you are a Ring Toss master, or a Potty Toss maestro, you can show off your skills at one of our many skill booths! The fun thing about these booths is that there is a perfect amount of skill and luck involved: guests can feel as if they mastered it, while others trying for the first time will know that they have a fair chance at winning. That’s what carnivals are all about: everyone can walk in and have fun at any number of fun booths and attractions.

Another thing that we bring to the carnival table is expert staff who are trained to make every event the best one possible. Between our clowns, face painters, and booth attendants, our staff is always upbeat and positive, and they are always ready to answer your questions. They are great with any group of people, and will help create the party of your dreams from the moment they
arrive to the moment they leave.

We believe that your party should be able to entertain guests at every moment of the party. Carnivals are simply another way to fill in the gaps, and make sure that everyone is taken care of at all times. You don’t need a full-blown carnival with 20 booths at your party, but if you know that there will be some kids there, it might be a good idea to get a few booths to make sure that they don’t get too bored. Our expert party planners will listen to all of your party ideas and come up with a good idea for what the perfect amount of carnival booths for your party is. We are not exclusively a carnival company, so if we don’t think it is the right fit, we will not try to sell you on something that will not make your party better.

When you hire Amazing Amusements to plan your party, you can rest assured that you are hiring a company who is looking out for your best interests at all times. We have all of the tools needed to make your party the ultimate event of the year. It doesn’t matter if you want every booth in the world for a huge carnival party, or if you want a few booths to entertain kids at a wedding: our staff will always try their hardest to give you the best party possible. If you are interested in planning a party, and would like to have a consultation with our party planning experts, contact us today by filling out the form or calling us at 866-PARTY-11!

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