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It doesn’t matter if you are a child, teenager, or adult: inflatable rides are one of the best parts of a great party. We all know the feeling of walking into a party and seeing a huge inflatable ride. Even though you might enter the party as a responsible adult, you can throw your inhibitions away and have the time of your life on an inflatable ride. Whether it is an inflatable obstacle course, bounce house, or water slide, they allow us to tap into our sense of childish wonder.

Inflatable rides are great in large part because if you get one for a party, you can throw away all of your worries about children getting bored at the party. There are events like block parties or graduation parties that can get relatively boring for a child who does not know anyone, or who wants to do something more active. With Amazing Amusements, you can have all of the fun of inflatable rides without all of the annoying setup and stressing about safety. Our employees have years of experience building and maintaining inflatable rides, so you can focus your energy on nothing but having a good time.

We have a wide variety of inflatable rides in order to ensure we always have the perfect ride for your event. If you are throwing a party for younger children, we have several themed bounce houses, obstacle courses, and water rides to help your youngsters have the time of their life. If your kids are into sports, we have several basketball, baseball, football, and racing-themed inflatables. These are perfect for end of the school year parties, birthday parties, or basically any event where a bunch of kids need to be bouncing around for a few hours.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about adults when curating our inflatable ride collection. We have an amazing group of adult-ready rides, from obstacle courses to fighting rings. Whether you are organizing a team-building group for your office, or throwing a fun graduation party, these rides are perfect for getting adults to act like kids for a while. We believe that every party is better when adults are getting in touch with their inner child. With that being said, kids are still allowed on these rides, so you don’t need to worry about keeping them out of the fun.

Many of our rides feature characters from popular movies and TV shows. We have bounce houses featuring characters from Nickelodeon, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Marvel, to name a few. This is great for younger children who are obsessed with a particular character; we all know how children are more willing to try something when a character they love is branded all over it.

Our inflatable water rides are perfect for kids’ parties, block parties, or any event where people bring bathing suits. As we mentioned before, you do not need to worry about maintaining them or watching over the people on the rides, as our staff is able to ensure these rides are running smoothly and safely. Another upside of water rides is that they are a way to keep the party going if it starts raining out. While being outdoors while it is raining isn’t always fun, you can make it the best time of the party by hopping on some water rides (as long as there is no lightning).

Inflatable rides are a wonderful way to bring your party to the next level. We have such a large variety of rides that, no matter the party you are throwing, you will always have the perfect ride for your event. One of our most popular rides is our Gladiator Joust ride. Two people step into the ring, put on a helmet, and are given a big inflatable weapon. The first person to knock their opponent off of the ledge is the winner. This is great for adults, kids, and teens alike, as you can keep on going up against different people to see who the best gladiator is.

Another popular ride is the Hamster Wheel Race. There are tons of videos on YouTube showing people playing bubble sports, which involve people stepping into a huge bubble, and spinning around to play sports like soccer or football. The Hamster Wheel Race takes this concept and places it on an inflatable surface to ensure that when you inevitably fall, you will be falling onto a nice soft surface instead of the ground. Being inside of your own personal bubble is something that is quite unique to this ride, so it is an experience that everyone at your party will want to try out. As with the Gladiator Joust, this is also a great opportunity to spark competition and get some fun contests going on with your guests.

Our inflatable rides are great pieces to a larger party puzzle: they might not be why you have the party, but they will be the reason people remember it, especially for children’s parties. If you are interested in planning a party with us, or if you need an inflatable ride for your next event, please fill out our contact form or call us at 866-PARTY-11.

Check out our MeltDown VIDEO to see it in action!

  • Wrecking Ball

    Wrecking Ball

  • Wild Water Rapids

    Wild Water Rapids

  • Wild One

    Wild One

  • Wacky Moonwalk

    Wacky Moonwalk

  • Vertical Rush

    Vertical Rush

  • Toxic Drop

    Toxic Drop

  • Toddler Rescue Squad

    Toddler Rescue Squad

  • Titanic Slide

    Titanic Slide

  • Tiny Tots

    Tiny Tots

  • Tiger Slide

    Tiger Slide

  • Tiger Belly Bounce

    Tiger Belly Bounce

  • The Great One

    The Great One

  • The Big One Slide

    The Big One Slide

  • T-Ball


  • Sports Equalizer

    Sports Equalizer

  • Splash Island

    Splash Island

  • Spiderman


  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer

  • Snow White’s Castle

    Snow White’s Castle

  • Rocky Island

    Rocky Island

  • Roaring River

    Roaring River

  • Real Speed Pitch

    Real Speed Pitch

  • Rat Race

    Rat Race

  • Power Paddlers

    Power Paddlers

  • Pony Derby

    Pony Derby

  • Pitch Burst

    Pitch Burst

  • Nickelodeon


  • Monster Wave

    Monster Wave

  • Monster Truck

    Monster Truck

  • Meltdown


  • Leaps n’ Bounds

    Leaps n’ Bounds

  • Laser Tag

    Laser Tag

  • Kongo Krazy Slide

    Kongo Krazy Slide

  • King Kong

    King Kong

  • Kiddie Obstacle

    Kiddie Obstacle

  • Jurassic Village

    Jurassic Village

  • Jurassic Survivor

    Jurassic Survivor

  • Junior Challenge Obstacle Course

    Junior Challenge Obstacle Course

  • Inflatables


  • Inflatable Concession Stand

    Inflatable Concession Stand

  • Hooley Ball

    Hooley Ball

  • Hippo Chow Down

    Hippo Chow Down

  • Hamster Wheel Race

    Hamster Wheel Race

  • Gladiator Joust

    Gladiator Joust

  • Fun House

    Fun House

  • Frog Typhoon

    Frog Typhoon

  • Foam Pit

    Foam Pit

  • Fire Truck Slide

    Fire Truck Slide

  • Fire Rescue

    Fire Rescue

  • Ferris Wheel Combo

    Ferris Wheel Combo

  • Dunk Tank

    Dunk Tank

  • Defender Dome

    Defender Dome

  • Dalmatian


  • Crayon Land

    Crayon Land

  • Crash Course

    Crash Course

  • Connect Four

    Connect Four

  • Clown Typhoon

    Clown Typhoon

  • Cliff Jump

    Cliff Jump

  • Circus Obstacle

    Circus Obstacle

  • Circus City Slide

    Circus City Slide

  • Castle Maze

    Castle Maze

  • Carousel Bounce

    Carousel Bounce

  • Car Combo

    Car Combo

  • Bungee Run

    Bungee Run

  • Brave Knight

    Brave Knight

  • Bouncy Boxing

    Bouncy Boxing

  • Boot Camp

    Boot Camp

  • Bazooka Ball Clown Shootout

    Bazooka Ball Clown Shootout

  • Basketball Frenzy

    Basketball Frenzy

  • Basketball Challenge

    Basketball Challenge

  • ABC


  • 24′ Double Lane Slide

    24′ Double Lane Slide