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Novelty Items for NYC, Long Island, and Westchester Parties!

Here at Amazing Amusements, we are all about giving your party every element that it needs to be a party that you and your guests remember forever. To some, that can mean a DJ that plays the perfect song at every stage of the party. To others, it can mean having attractions like rides or inflatables that give guests an incredibly varied amount of things to do. We think that those are all great elements to the perfect party, but what makes a party truly stick out in someone’s memory is a tangible item to remember the party by.

Our novelty items and attractions give your guests something that has the memory of your party all over it. For example, our expert artists can create many amazing party favors, from graffiti-style hats and T-shirts to amazingly realistic caricatures. When guests leave your party, they will literally be bringing their memories home with them, which will ensure that your special day lives on!

One of our most popular novelty attractions is our hat and t-shirt artists. They are well-equipped to write whatever the guests of your party want, from simple text to amazing sports logos or other pictures. Our artists are great for children’s parties like bar/bat mitzvahs, as kids often want a personalized item to bring home and show their families. If they have a favorite sports team, or character from a movie, our artists can send them home with a shirt or hat that has whatever they want on it.

Along the same lines, our caricature artists do a great job of making crazy photos of guests from your party. Depending on the theme of your party, our caricature artists can create backgrounds or other objects to fit not only your look, but the theme of the party. This is great for any event where you might have guests who want to have unique pictures created for you and your guests: bar/bat mitzvahs, family events, or even weddings would be greatly improved with a caricature artist. Our caricature artists are sure to always wrap your painting in plastic just in case anything gets spilled on it, because even though it is a party, life still happens.

Another one of our popular novelty attractions is our music video booths. We set your party up with a green screen and a camcorder, and give your guests the song they want to perform. With all of your friends and family in the same place, it can be a really fun time to record a massive music video with the ones you love! We bring everything you need, from the editing and music all the way to some really fun backgrounds to display on the green screen. You can bring in props as well, and we encourage your music video stars to wear some of our amazing party favors that they grabbed earlier in the party!

Music videos are really fun for children’s parties, as it gives them something to work for during the party, and it can be fun for them to find other kids who want to sing the same song as them. Since parties are all about getting kids to socialize instead of staying on their phones, getting kids together and having them perform a music video can get them away from the distractions of electronics for a long time! On top of that, music videos are a hilarious thing to take home, as your kids will look back on that one time them and their friends tried to make a music video at a party. It might not be the most professional music video of all time, but it will be fun to watch for years and years to come!

As we said before, novelties are truly the best way for your guests to have a tangible memory of your party after the party is over. It doesn’t matter if your guests are adults or kids: everyone loves to see a caricature of themselves, and many people have a great time while recording a music video with their friends at a party. Parties are all about letting loose and having a good time: our novelties make sure you can do that and still have something to look back on the party with.

It doesn’t matter if you want some art for your guests to bring home, or a music video setup to help your guests feel like superstars: Amazing Amusements has all of the resources necessary to make your next party absolutely perfect. Please feel free to look through our photo gallery to see some of the work from our artists, and feel free to call our party planning experts to talk about your dream party. Contact Amazing Amusements by filling out a contact form or calling 866-PARTY-11 today!

  • Spin Art

    Spin Art

  • Sand Blast

    Sand Blast

  • Perfume Favor II

    Perfume Favor II

  • Perfume Favor

    Perfume Favor

  • Music Video III

    Music Video III

  • Music Video II

    Music Video II

  • Music Video

    Music Video

  • Caricature II

    Caricature II

  • Caricature


  • Asian Name Writing

    Asian Name Writing

  • Air Brush T-Shirt III

    Air Brush T-Shirt III

  • Air Brush T-Shirt II

    Air Brush T-Shirt II

  • Air Brush T-Shirt

    Air Brush T-Shirt