The holidays are a time of celebration with our friends and family. With parties almost every weekend, it feels like the entire month of December is dedicated to partying and the holiday spirit! And although it’s only November, now is the time to starting planning that unforgettable office Christmas Party! Having customizable and popular party favors are a great way to keep the memories of all the celebrations you attended alive but also a way to make your party stand out amongst the already busy party season. At Amazing Amusements, we have several photo favors and other customizable giveaways that are perfect for your next corporate holiday event, so your staff and employees can appreciate how much fun they had not only at the event but also how much they enjoy working for your company.

Photobooth Rentals & Custom Frames

The famous expression goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Having a photo booth at your holiday party with a huge selection of different frames is the perfect form of entertainment and take home present for a corporate holiday event! Our photo booths are not really “booths”! They are usually framed with curtains so the booth can take a photo of one person, two people or the entire sales team! We also have silly props that are holiday appropriate to add a certain extra flair to your photo. We also can create custom backgrounds for digital photos that can feature your corporate branding and logos.

Our photos print at your party so they can take them home that night. We have several different frames and holder to choose from including but not limited to: wanted posters, famous people, sports stars, magazine covers, cereal boxes, keychains, snowglobes, id tags, and crystals! What’s even better is that we can customize the frame to match your company! We can provide matching logos, colors, slogans or whatever else gives your brand an identity!

If you are looking something a little out of the box we have an inflatable big red chair and an inflatable snowglobe that are the perfect backdrop to take group photos of your employees.

Novelty and Custom Take Homes

If taking pictures isn’t your style, then having a unique one of a kind gift is another great way to impress your employees and give them warm fuzzy memories. We have access to a lot of unique novelty gifts that are sure to be a big hit. From caricatures to airbrush t-shirts featuring your company logo and branding, to make your own company perfume, we can help you find the right take-home present to present your employees.

Contact Amazing Amusements Now!

If you are in the process of planning your corporate holiday party or haven’t even started yet, contact us at by either giving us a call at 866-PARTY-11 or by filling out our contact form. We have many things to make your office Christmas party a one of a kind event including multitalented performers, DJs, dancers, lighting and sound equipment, food stations and holiday decor available to rent or purchase! We look forward to helping you with your holiday party planning needs!

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