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New York City Sports Party Rentals for Long Island and Westchester Parties!

When you are hosting a party, it is important to cater to every possible guest. As many people on Wall Street say: you need to diversify your assets! Whether it is food, rides, music, or a sports arcade, Amazing Amusements makes sure that you have all the tools you need to make your next party a success. From bar/bat mitzvahs to graduation parties, a few sports arcade attractions can turn your party from an average event to the party of a lifetime.

Our sports arcade attractions include everything from pool tables to mini basketball hoops. Pool tables are great for any party with a cocktail hour or extended periods of “down” time where there isn’t much structure, because it allows your guests to talk to each other in the name of competition. Pool is the ultimate party sport because it allows you enough down time to take a drink or eat some food in between shots. Isn’t that the dream? Don’t worry about getting a huge pool table to and from an event, Amazing Amusements sends their party planning experts to drop off and pick off whatever item you need. Fully stocked with cues, balls, and chalk, the only thing you need to have an amazing billiards table at your next party is our phone number (866-PARTY-11).

Another great way to get guests up and active in your event is with our ping pong tables. Ping pong is a very fun, relaxing sport for guests who aren’t necessarily into dancing or participating in some of the other attractions. This is is true for parties from bar/bat mitzvahs to weddings. Ping pong is great for parties because it is a quick game that you can improve in greatly throughout the course of a night. On top of that, there are a variety of auxiliary games you can play on ping pong tables (if your guests are old enough) that can help everyone get to know each other and relax in the name of competitive gaming.

For some of your more uncoordinated guests, we have sports video game booths along with our traditional sports attractions. Our racing games are sure to get your guests going, as it is often fun to grab a group of people and see who the best arcade racer is. The best part? Your guests don’t have to worry about coins, tokens, or tickets. We will bring the arcade games to you fully ready to play, without the need for “credits”, and we will happily pick the booths up at the end of your party. For us, the name of the game is convenience and fun. Everyone loves arcade racing games, but the fun gets quickly reduced if no one has coins on them, or if you have to figure out how to get the booth out of your venue at the end of the night. With Amazing Amusements, you and your guests do not have to worry.

At Amazing Amusements, we are firm believers that “ball is life.” If you believe the same, then maybe your next party needs a basketball machine or two! These are absolutely perfect for bar and bat mitzvahs, or any other party where there are energetic kids running around who need to blow off some steam. Parties are all about fun, and some guests will spend the whole time at the basketball hoops, seeing who is the champion of the party. Channel your inner Lebron James or Stephen Curry at your next party with Amazing Amusements’ basketball hoop games!

If basketball isn’t your thing, and you are more of a hockey fan, then we have the perfect arcade games for your next party! Between our air hockey and knock hockey tables, there are hours of hockey fun to be had if you think they are the right fit for your party. As with many of our other sports arcade games, knock hockey and air hockey are perfect for bar and bat mitzvahs, graduation parties, and other kids’ parties. We definitely recommend keeping supervision over these games if you have very young children at the party, as the opportunity to smash the puck around can be very tempting to some. With that in mind, our hockey booths are almost always a smash hit at every children’s party.

If you want to add some elements of competition and activity to your next party, look no further than the sports arcade booths here at Amazing Amusements! As we previously mentioned, we will deliver the booths to and from your party, and make sure that they are working perfectly before your party begins. We know that keeping everyone at a party entertained can be a tall order, but with Amazing Amusements, you will have all of the tools at your disposal to plan the party of a lifetime.

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