Are you a fan of all things mystical, unexplainable, and scary? Do you live for the falling of the leaves in October? Do you force your kids to trick or treat so you can steal their candy? Does your significant other think you look better in costume than you do in normal attire?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we think it might be time for you to plan a Halloween party for you and your friends. What other opportunity will you have to dress up in costume, eat candy, and scare the daylights out of people all in the same day?

As one of the biggest non-denominational holidays in the United States, Halloween has become a staple celebration in almost every American household. Children go from house to house asking for candy, adults dress up in costume, and people decorate their entire houses to create a spooky environment. In fact, almost half of all Americans buy holiday costumes, and about 16 percent of them buy costumes for their pets!

Halloween parties are great because they allow us to disengage from reality and embrace an evening of fright, costume, and decoration. Whether your guests are fans of bloody serial killers or tastefully carved Jack-o’-lanterns, it is important to create an ambiance that screams Halloween. Creating a tasteful yet creepy Halloween party is tough, but totally worth it when party time comes around. There is simply no other day in the year where you can share drinks and laughs with Dora the Explorer and The Joker.

Since you and your guests will be putting plenty of effort into your costumes, we suggest renting a photobooth from Amazing Amusements for this year’s Halloween party. There is nothing quite like having two people wearing the same costume – instead of taking a quick selfie on their phones, your guests can get a proper photo enclosed in a Halloween-themed frame! What better way is there to get your guests who might not know each other acquainted than by having them pose for hilarious photos in their Halloween costumes? That’s how friendships are made.

In addition, no Halloween party is complete without a sickening amount of candy. If you plan your party with Amazing Amusements, you don’t need to worry – we have you covered. This is the one night you won’t be judged for dipping your trick or treat candy into a chocolate fountain – you need to take advantage of those opportunities when they arise.

If you are having children at your party, and need to keep them entertained, then Amazing Amusements will make sure to provide you with the perfect talent for your event. Our magicians will keep the spirit of Halloween alive and well, with tricks and illusions that will keep the kids guessing. Plus, what’s a good Halloween party without a clown or two in the mix?

If you are interested in planning the best Halloween party of your life, please contact Amazing Amusements today! Give your friends and family something frighteningly fun to look forward to at the end of October!

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